Alexander Technique Lessons

What Happens?

Alexander Technique Research“The Alexander Technique should be studied in the atmosphere of a tea-party – a pleasureful, easy-going, and creative exchange of information.” (F.M.Alexander)

In Vienna I offer individual sessions, refresher lessons, intensive courses and bespoke workshops. I am in Vienna about once a month. The sessions take place centrally. For information about sessions in England please visit

The Alexander Technique has helped many people to overcome back, neck and joint pain, breathing and vocal problems, problems related to poor posture, as well as anxiety and stress-related conditions. Developed by the Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander about 100 years ago, it has long had an established place in performing arts training and complementary medicine.

It is taught through a mixture of gentle hands-on guidance and verbal coaching.

In the course of on-going lessons you will amongst other things:

  • begin to discover your everyday habits of how you use yourself (how you sit, stand, walk, talk, breathe, react to stress …)
  • experiment with applying the principles of the Technique to your everyday life to achieve greater ease
  • experience constructive resting and centred standing and sitting
  • learn how to use your back effectively in daily life

In every session you will also get to lie down while I work on you.

No previous experience is necessary. Everyone can benefit from the Technique, irrespective of age and state of health. You will not be asked to remove any clothing except your shoes.

Sessions last about 45 minutes (40 minutes tuition, 5 minutes organisation). Double sessions (90 minutes) are also available.