The Benefits of the Alexander Technique

Why do it?

Benefits of Alexander Technique“If the thinking is right, everything works” (Pablo Casals)

Everybody has their own reasons for learning the Alexander Technique, and there are as many reasons as there are people. However, there are three main areas where the Technique will help you.

General health and well-being
Learning the Alexander Technique will help you to prevent or alleviate conditions associated with poor posture. These include problems with coordination and movement * joint and muscle pain * migrane * neck, back and shoulder pain * breathing problems * stress-related conditions. With it you can enhance rehabilitation after illness or injury and learn coping skills for chronic illness.

Alexander Technique BenefitsPerformance Skills
Learning the Alexander Technique will help you to improve your presentation skills * increase your personal presence * clarify awareness and thought * manage nerves * improve your vocal performance (vocal development) * increase stamina * perform with appropriate effort * overcome learning difficulties.

Learning the Alexander Technique will lead to a new mindfulness in your everyday life by exploring the ways you think and move.