The Alexander Technique and Vocal Development

“There cannot be any sound …where there is no instrument. There cannot be any instrument where there is no body.” (Leonardo da Vinci – Notebooks)

I offer coaching in vocal development against a background of the Alexander Technique.

Voice CoachingWith the help of the Alexander Technique you can learn to use your voice with more impact and less strain. Gradually, you can gain more control over your voice so that you can do more with it with less effort. You can develop a richer, fuller sound. Your voice becomes a flexible and highly expressive part of your individual self.

Coaching sessions and small group workshops are suitable for anyone wishing to explore and experiment with both their speaking and singing voice.

Teachers, lecturers, presenters, preachers, announcers, singers, actors … and anyone interested in vocal self-discovery can benefit from learning to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to how they use their voice. No experience is necessary and people who think they can’t sing are welcome.

In addition to coaching individuals from all walks of life, I have run numerous Alexander Technique and voice workshops: for opera singing students at the University of Music Vienna; for teachers as part of their professional development at the University of Education Vienna and also at the University of Education Burgenland; and for singing students in Zagreb, to name a few.

“The voice coaching I’ve had from Harriet Anderson has been very beneficial to me especially in my professional life, which involves a lot of speaking. It helps me to use my voice more efficiently and with greater ease” (Dr Gunther Kaltenböck, University Lecturer)


In the sessions and workshops we will:

  • take a practical look at the mechanisms of breathing and voice production
  • experience how the principles of the Alexander Technique can be beneficially applied to the voice
  • experiment with a variety of fun vocal exercises and songs

The emphasis is on enjoying your voice while meeting your professional or personal vocal needs.